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How should the board machine be maintained?

Time: 2019-05-24 17:53:54

1. The reason for the operation of the PCB partition: the battery does not have enough power, and the connection between the battery and the starter motor is broken. The contact between the electromagnetic switch and the two main terminals is severely burnt; the brush appears to be worn, broken or swiped on the brush holder; there is severe grease or rectifier ablation in the brush rectifier.

2, winding short circuit or open circuit: There are three reasons why this happens, one is the armature winding commutation or the phenomenon of desoldering, 2 is the bearing or copper wear causes the sweeping rotor chamber, the third is the position of the 4 brush is misplaced Or the newly changed bushing clearance is too large. PCB point machine start time and space: The tuning fork is not installed correctly. The motor gear of the fork spool unit in the movable bushing cannot be rotated by the fork.

3. The PCB board starter motor will turn. The gap between the iron core of the electromagnetic switch and the flange is too large, and the one-way clutch is too large to cause the flywheel ring gear to rotate. The motor gear is started once, which is seriously worn and the flywheel ring gear is not worn well. The electromagnetic switch is normally open, usually refers to pressing after starting the switch. The core of the electromagnetic switch is taken off immediately after the suction, and then sucked up, and then takes off immediately, and does not start the transmitter 1. The current problem is the problem of the coil circuit.

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