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The importance of the enterprise pcb sub-board machine

Time: 2019-06-11 21:24:45

The consumption of high-strength multi-machines in production itself is very large, so it is normal to have problems when the equipment is working. For the factory, it is very important to extend the life of the equipment. The maintenance of the equipment is not only to improve the service life of the PCB separator, but also to ensure the quality of its work.

      The PCB splitter does not work or does not work properly: lack of battery charger; electrical connection battery and engine off, knife-type splitter. Loose wiring or severely oxidized battery rod clamp; electromagnetic switch deflector severely ablate or touch terminal and two bad; excessive brush wear, tensile spring break or electric card stuck in the pen holder; brush in rectifier oil or severe erosion; winding fairing some Short or open circuit; where the armature windings and commutator segments are closed; copper sleeve bearings or wear-induced rotor scanning chambers; PCB brushing machine equipment brush installation error direction or new sleeve gap is too large.

      PCB splitter engine idle speed: The fork device is incorrect, the fork sleeve reel is in the mobile device, and the motor gear of the PCB splitter cannot be changed along with the fork. The core of the electromagnetic switch is then set too far between the push rods. The one-way clutch slides and the flywheel ring gear shift can be shared. The motor gear of the PCB splitter is severely engine worn, not with the flywheel ring gear. Normally open electromagnetic switch is usually called normally open electromagnetic switch, the ignition switch is pressed, the core of the electromagnetic switch, it is only sucked, and then it is taken off immediately after being taken out, then they immediately take off and do not reach the recommendation The intention of the engine plane. This shortcoming when the PCB boarding machine indicates that the common reason is to maintain the coil circuit.



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